The Anatolian fire continues to burn!

The basic concept of the Anatolian fire is the meeting of Civilizations. It is a dance portrait that aims to meet Eastern and Western cultures and gives Universal Peace messages. By synthesizing folk dances with ballet, modern dance and other disciplines of dance, it presents a show of modern standards and a cultural feast to the world. Anatolia fire, which takes its source from the thousands of years of mythology and cultural history of Anatolia, is an original project that contains 3000 folk dance figures and folk music compiled from almost every region. The project, which carries the signature of Mustafa erdoğan, aims to introduce the fire of Anatolia’s thousands of years of Culture and history mosaic blended with peace to the whole world.


In 1999, Mustafa erdoğan took his first step towards realizing a dream that was based years ago, and started his brisk work of the project, his former name, Sultan’s of the dance. First, the newspapers were given “wanted dancer” ads. Among the 750 candidates, 90 young people were elected and a year and a half of hard work began. 8 hours a day, 16 hours a day… Costumes are set, music is complete. Aesthetic exercise, dietitian and massage specialists were studied. Strech and yoga were done. Studies focused on the steps of folk dances, ballet and modern dance. Dancers took theoretical lessons on the notation of Anatolian rhythms.



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The fire of Anatolia is a synthesis of hundreds of folk dance figures and music from different regions. Taking its source from the history of ancient mythology and culture, performance aims to introduce the world to the flame of ancient love and cultural history. The Anatolian fire, which brought together the rich culture of Anatolia and the magic of dancing on the same stage with a magnificent style, was performed in 93 countries and reached more than 35 million people both abroad and abroad.Between April and November, the fire and Trojan shows of Anatolia take place at the Gloria Aspendos open air theatre for 5000 people who have the largest scene in the world with a scene of 1300 m2.


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